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Xiaomi Mi 5, launch, Reviews, Specifications

Top Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi is ready to launch its new and much awaited smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5. Although company has not officially provided details of the specifications of the phone still the sources have confirmed the launch and specifications. The reports said that the company has packed more than 70 million units in 2015 but is still behind its sales targets.Click Here for more Xiaomi Accessories.



Reports from the sources says that Xiaomi is coming with approx. 5.2 inch display screen. The screen supports Sunlight display that does not stress eye while using phone in sunlight. It will have a Qualcomm 820 processor. The latest Xiaomi Mi 5 will have 4 GB RAM that will enhance the performance quality of the phone. It also has Adreno 530 GPU that gives it high speed to operate and also allows to navigate different applications.

Storage: This phone will be available in different in-build memory like 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. It also carries LPDDR4 and UFS 2.0 flash memory storage. The Drawback of this phone is this that does not carry micro SD card feature which disappoints its users.

Battery: Xiaomi Mi 5 phone is equipped with 3600mAh battery that provides long charging life to the phone. Once its charged for 10 mins it can give 2.5 hours of video playing.

Camera: Xiaomi smartphone has a powerful 16 mega pixel back camera and 13 mega pixel front camera for selfie lovers. The best feature of its camera is 4 Axis optical image stabilization.

Design: Xiaomi Mi5 has a 3D glass design with attractive metal body. Its 7.25 mm thick and weighs around 129 grams. This phone is also available in 3D ceramic variant.


Xiaomi company has assured its users the phone is fully equipped with all the necessary features but Qualcomm is required to be reviewed again for CPU cores. It is offering different price for all the variants which has attracted different views.

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